The Vision

First Baptist Church Madisonville has a strong history of people doing whatever it takes to reach their community and the world for Christ. In the past, we have been blessed with wise staff and lay leadership who have always looked for new ways to be innovative and effective in making disciples. Everything we do today, we do standing on the shoulders of those who have gone before us. And we want to continue their legacy of leadership, discipleship and innovation. So for the past several months our congregation, staff and leadership have been praying and seeking God’s direction for our church in the coming years.

We believe God has given us a New Vision for First Baptist Church! This vision is a picture of where we believe God is leading us; an idea of what our church could be and should be. We are excited to share it with you. Below you will find a quick outline of the vision and some action steps we will be taking in the coming years to see the vision become a reality.

Our Purpose is to make disciples who love God, love people and follow Jesus. And to do that we must help people do four basic things: connect, learn, worship and serve. So The Vision is:

Life Is Better When We Do It Together

Develop An Outreach Strategy:
Develop a plan to reach our community for Christ, including events, online presence, outreach tools, training and more.

Create An Assimilation Strategy:
A process to welcome, inform and follow up with visitors and and new members and connect them to FBC, including info kiosks, signage and new member classes.

Emphasize and Expand Opportunities To Connect:
Promote Sunday School and possibly create Adult Small Groups.

Plan More Church-Wide Socials and Events:
We need gatherings outside Sunday worship to get to know each other better.

Update Our Connect Tools:
We need to update our tools so we can better know and care for our members including a new webpage, new membership database and church directory.

Becoming More Like Jesus

Develop A Discipleship Strategy:
This strategy may include resources, curriculum, training, mentors, discipleship courses, ministries and support groups for life stage needs.

Provide More Leadership Training:
Equipping our leadership to teach better and lead better benefits the whole church.

Plan Retreats & Conferences For All Age Groups:
Plan and promote camps and conferences for all age groups: children, youth, adults and older adults.

Create A Resource Center:
A place where people can find things for personal discipleship and growth at home and further develop our Church Library.

Subscribe To Right Now Media:
This is an on-line catalogue of resources like NETFLIX members can stream into their TV & devices.

Worshiping God Sunday And Everyday

Build A Better Blended Worship:
Our goal is to continue to develop a truly blended worship style with both hymns and contemporary music that glorifies the Lord.

Foster More Interactive Worship:
Encourage more members to explore and use their gifts in a variety of ways to lead others in worship including drama, dance, technology and the arts.

Make Prayer a Priority For Our People:
This may include resources, prayer apps, prayer chains and special prayer events.

Plan Revival Services:
Periodically hold revival services several nights in a row aimed at corporate and individual repentance and renewal.

Host Special Events:
Host Concerts and Events at FBC that lead our members and others in our community in worship.

Where Every Member Is A Minister

Form A Missions Council:
This council would oversee and coordinate mission projects and budgets for both local and global missions.

Challenge Every Member To Find A Ministry:
Our goal is to help every member at FBC find a place to serve!

Communicate Ministry Opportunities:
Share with people where and how they can serve: may include online lists and applications, ministry fairs, and other resources.

Ministry Mentor Program:
Every person doing something at our church should be training someone else to help them and eventually take their place.

Expand Our Ministry Opportunities:
Increase what we do in the area of ministry and missions with opportunities to Serve In the church and Serve Out to a lost and hurting world!

This is The Vision of where we believe God is leading us;
an idea of what our church could be and should be.
We hope you will be a part of seeing it become a reality!

Chris Moore
Senior Pastor

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