Sunday School

Sunday school meets from 9:30-10:20am. Enjoy Coffee, Conversation and Community in a small group setting perfect for growing your faith and fellowship. Sunday School has three goals: Connect, Teach and Care for people.

Connect: Sunday School is the main way you can make connections with others in the congregation and develop a community of Christian friends to do life with. In a big worship service you can hide and be anonymous—but its hard to connect. However, in a smaller group setting like Sunday School, you get to know and are known by other people in the class. Our classes vary in size and age, some are coed and some are not. There are lots of options to choose from. Sunday School is a great way to get involved with a community of people just like you.

Teach: A big part of what we do in Sunday School is learn about the Bible. Each week there will be engaging lessons from scripture with principles and promises you can apply to your life. Different classes use various curriculum, but all of it points people to God and His word.

Care: Your Sunday School class and its leaders will get to know you and be there for you during times of need: whether that is a death in the family, or illness, divorce, depression or just the struggle of everyday life. You won’t be in it alone. They will be present, listen to your problems, offer prayer and counsel and give you a hand when you need it.

So Get Involved In Sunday School… Life Is Better When We Do It Together!

Current Sunday School Communities


Whitney Grubb
Alice Tyler
Linda Ford
Nancy Brackett
In the Nursery

3 & 4 Year Olds

Whitney Grubb
In Rm. 204


Betsy West
Adrienne Hannah

1st & 2nd Grade

Karen Mason
Kelly Crabtree

3rd & 4th Grade

Robert & Ann Hooper
In Rm. 301

5th & 6th Grade

Jason & Andrea Gunter


Logan Blackwell
Mitch & Shannon Wheeler
Robert Koch
Ethan Webb


Jim & Ellen Dash
In Rm. 302

Young Adults

Jason Moore
In Rm. 113

Coed 1

Brian & Brooke Johannsen
In Rm. 304

Coed 2

Richard & Diane Campbell
In Rm. 107

Coed 3

Tony Brimer
In Rm. 112

Coed 4

Beth Scruggs
In Rm. 303

Coed 5

Rick Killion
Jeff Roberson
In Rm. 110

Fellowship (coed)

Larry McCulloch
Harold Cardin
Roy Good
In Rm. 100

Women 1

Katrina Cox
In Rm. 206

Women 2

Peggy White
In Rm. 115

Women 3

Ann Martin
In Rm. 109

Men 1

Dave Johnson
Don Smith
Wallace Graham
In Rm. 118

Men 2

Brian Harrill
In Rm. 116