Dear Church Family, Visitors and Friends,

These are exciting days in the life of our church. We are currently renovating the entire third floor of our main church building to create a new space for Children’s Ministry called The Attic! The Attic is 5,000 square feet of space specifically designed for kids Kindergarten through Sixth Grade.

New features of this space will include: a Lobby area with a large welcome desk for check in and information, a worship room and stage for Kid’s Celebration and large group activities, some small group break out rooms for Sunday School classes and AWANAS and a large room for 5-6th grade (which formerly met across the street), plenty of storage, plus a Game Room and a small Cafe!

Our goal is to create a children’s space that is centralized in one location on the main campus, easily accessible for parents and closely connected to our sanctuary. And of course we want this space to have a fresh, engaging new look specifically designed for kids!

The renovation began in June and phase one of the construction is complete. The space has been opened up in a dramatic way that will provide lots of new room for our kids! Phase two is Theme Design and Decorating.

We want our new children’s space to be fun, engaging and different from other areas in our church. A space just for kids that will connect with them on their level and inspire their curiosity and excitement. For this part of the project we are working with a design group out of Cleaveland, TN called Theme Fusion and here is what we’ve come up with.

Every child is intrigued by the mystery of what they might find in an Attic like old pictures, toys, clothes and keepsakes—family heirlooms passed down from the generations before them. We are calling our new children’s space The Attic. And it will look like the children took over an Attic and made it into their own private clubhouse! It will be filled with old pictures, retro toys and classic sports equipment, trunks and trophies, books and board games, costumes and heirlooms and more!

Can you imagine what a fun place this will be for kids to learn about Jesus and what a great environment it will be for adults to pass down our spiritual heritage to our children and grandchildren.

Below you will find pictures of the early designs, before and after pics of the construction and a list of items we are looking to be donated to fill our Attic with. So look around get involved and be a part of building a better future for our children and our church!

Donation Wish List

  • Old Sports Equipment:
    • Old Ice Skates / Roller Skates
    • Bowling Ball/ Bag/ Shoes
    • Vintage Golf Clubs
    • Water Skis / Snow Skis
    • Fishing/ Camping gear
    • Balls (football, baseball, basketball etc) Football Helmets (from local High Schools) Football Shoulder Pads
    • Large Trophies
    • Old Team Photos
    • Cheer Megaphone / Pom Poms
  • Vintage Board Games:
    • Old Monopoly, Life, Risk, etc.
    • Connect Four
    • Rock Em Sock Em Robots
  • Musical Instruments
    • Trumpet, Trombone, Violin, Guitar, Accordion
  • Old Toys:
    • Action Figures
    • Metal Trucks/ Vehicles Vintage Dolls/ Barbies Lite Brite
    • View Master
    • Star Wars Space Ships
  • Old Trunks or Cedar Chest
  • Vintage Suitcases
  • Vintage Hats and Hat Boxes
  • Military Uniform
  • Old Typewriter Telescope
  • Old Globe
  • Large Statue Bust
  • Old Madisonville Town Photos (pre1970’s) Old Church Photos (pre 1990’s)
  • Metal Lunch Boxes (pop culture)
  • Coke and Pepsi Crates
  • Records
  • Old Signs
  • Taxidermy (deer, bear, bird)
  • Sewing Form
  • Uncle Sam Bank
  • Vintage Holiday Items
  • Old Books
  • Other Antiques

Renovation Sneak Peek